Whitney B. W. Law

Lover of    God, Husband, Family, Animals, Red Wine, Outdoors, Sunshine, Good Food, Oysters, Marketing, Graphic Design, and Good Music.

Mother of    3 Dogs & 3 Cats

Seeker of   knowledge, peace of mind, happiness, self-improvement, and  Growth

Fun Facts:

Small Town Girl

Waterman's Daughter

I Stay Covered in Dog Hair

I can shuck an oyster like nobody's business

I Sell Cars for a living

I currently have 317 "Unread" Text Messages (long story)

I have an Anxiety Disorder

I wear Cowboy Boots Regularly

My Mom's a Hairdresser (believe it or not)

My husband is literally my best friend

I'm awkward

My Disclaimer To You (and myself):

There is absolutely nothing about me that is even remotely considered perfect. Or even "put together" for that matter. BUT!


I'm committed to improving

myself and my life.

I wake up every day thankful for another opportunity to live better than I did yesterday!

I toss my hair in a Messy Bun and I try my hardest to live my happiest and best life every day by doing the things that I love and that make me feel good, whether that's making a meal for my husband or just making it to work on time. 

If you read that above disclaimer and have a tinge of anything in your heart that whispers "this is me", then I think that we may get along, and you may enjoy the things I post about on this blog, and if I sound like a little more of mess than you, I still hope you'll stick around.

You never know, you may fit in with the

Messy Bun Life more than you think.



Before you read any further!!