How To Start Building Your Email List

An Email List may seem like small potatoes compared to your overall goal, but it is so much more.

Your email list and campaign strategy is a simple way to put yourself directly in front of current and potential clients/customers.

Think of it as a way of just popping by to say hey! And reminding that friend/person that you are there for them!

What better way to nurture your contact list than that!

So, how do you get started?

First, Choose your Email Marketing Provider!

There are plenty of great ones out there!

Mailchimp has always been a favorite of mine because of its simplicity and the ability to gather great data, as well as customize my email campaign, as much as I'd like using custom code, but also the ability to drag a drop your way to a beautiful email.

Other Providers include ConstantContact, WIX, InfusionSoft, and more. Do a little research to figure out which one works for you and your budget.

Ask your Current Contacts for Permission

Don't assume they'll be okay with a sudden influx of emails from you, send them a welcome email where they can choose to opt in to receive emails from you.

Create An Opt In Form

Create a Sign Up form where people who follow you online, either via your blog or social media, can Opt In to receive emails/updates from you. Then make sure you post it everywhere that people could potentially see it: in your blog posts, on your facebook profile, in the link in your Instagram Bio, etc.

As you gain more contacts on your list, be sure to give them valuable content that doesn't spam them. You want to be sure you send them as much, if not more, helpful and valuable content for them as you do "sales" content for you.

Keep trucking on, and soon you will build up a significant email list that will help you nurture these contacts all the way to becoming a client/customer!

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