How to start anything.

How to start anything..... even when you just don't feel like it.

Sometimes, projects and everyday tasks can just feel so daunting, especially if you're like me, and have been diagnosed with two mental "hindrances" (I prefer that word over disability or disease).

Our Mental Game, whether it's On Like Donkey Kong or a little out of whack, is 90% of our success in getting things done, and in this case, getting things started.

For people like me, with ADD or Anxiety, or those that are just in a funk, a simple task like cleaning the house can feel like a tremendous undertaking.

For me, when it comes to cleaning or starting a work project, my brain doesn't process "the start" and therefore leaves me sitting there with a want to accomplish something, but instead feeling like a statue.

If this feeling sometimes takes over your mind from time to time, here are a few ways to get past it, and truly start anything.

1. Break It Up

In the example of cleaning the house, the "idea" of this task is so large and filled with so

Breaking Down Large Tasks Into Smaller Tasks

many components and small tasks that our mind looks at this on our to do list, and can't decode it enough to tell us where/when to start.

So, we must help it work through the task.

Instead of telling yourself you will "Clean the house", create a list of smaller tasks that ultimately result in your house being cleaned. Create small scale and large scale cleaning routines with these steps, and write them down. Then when the time comes to "Clean the house", refer to these smaller actions, and your brain will be more likely to dive in and take the rest of you with it.

Try it for yourself:

You see "Clean the House" on your to do list. Reflect on how your mind feels reading that task.

Now, you see "Load Dishwasher, and Start", where does this task take your mind? Can you feel the difference mentally?

Creating The Right Work Space and Mood to Put You In Start Mode

2. Create the right space or mood

If you've broken your project up into smaller tasks already, and you still are on the edge of beginning, maybe you need a little atmospheric motivation.

Creating the right space for our task is a large factor in this.

Let's say your project is Writing a Paper or a Blog Post.

In this case, you'll want a comfortable space that you are able to reside in for a bit.

Whether this would be a library or a space in your house, when you arrive to that space, you should fill it with your necessities, as well as a few items that are positive influencers.


Necessities: Pen, Notebook, Laptop, Printouts of Resources, Open Tabs for Resources, etc.

Positive Influencers: Your favorite Starbucks Drink, Soft Non-Lyric Background Music, Headphones, Blanket, a small vase of fresh flowers nearby (for those days that you really need some extra positivity), a timer for mental breaks.

The seemingly simple action of just creating this space has a large effect on your mood and mentality towards your task, and you'll find that your brain will almost automatically hit the start button for you.

Tip: If you are planning out a project or task, along with your task breakdown, create a resource list for the task and creating your space/mood. That way when the time comes to create the space, you have a well defined blueprint that you can continue to use every time you take on a similar task.


Before you read any further!!