Creating routines in your life

Do you ever get to work in the mornings wishing that the last couple hours went a little smoother and didn’t feel like a mad dash? Or maybe you dream all day about the tasks you’ll tackle as soon as you get home, just to end up curled up on the couch for 2 hours before falling asleep.

Think back a moment to when you were a child. Things for the most part probably always felt like clockwork. Wake up, eat breakfast, brush teeth, get dressed, go to school, come home, do homework, eat dinner, watch tv, got to bed.... wake up; repeat. Or something to that extent.

Yup, a routine. Your parents had you following a routine, and because of this, you grew up to become an adult that is still completely capable of following a routine, you just don’t have anyone to make it for you this time, so it’s up to you to decide it.

Here is how you can creat the perfect routines for your day to day life:

1. Consider Two Perfect Mornings & Two Perfect Evenings

What do I mean by this?

Well I want you to really think about an ideal morning for you, but I want you to think of it in two different ways. A Busy One and A Lazy (self care) One.

I also want you to think of your ideal evening from a Productive View and a Relaxing View.

2. Write It Out and Assess

Now that you have an idea of the events that should take place during these times of day and life, let’s write them out and take a look.

Grab some scratch paper and write out each Morning and Evening Timeline.

Once you have it all down, look it over. Decide if some events need to happen before others. Check that you didn’t miss any steps, and correct as needed.

3. Finalize it

Now that you have your routines planned out, let’s put a final product somewhere for you to reference and go to when you need a refresh.

Find a blank Dot Page in your Messy Bun Planner, and lay it out.

Make it visually pleasing or cut and dry, but put it in there so you can always look back! If you ever need to switch it up, use white out to make small changes or find a New Dot Page to do a routine overhaul.

This is my current Routine Page in my MBP.

If you need a visual reminder of your routines until they become habit, place them on your Daily Spread Timeline to make sure you stick with it.

Also, track how well you stick to your routine throughyour the month by using your Habit Maker on the Monthly Spread. Mark green for good days, and red for the days that didn’t work out. Keep tracking your progress until you have mostly green boxes for the month.

P.S. you can see I use white out regularly 😏

Take It A Step Further.

With a Time Log. If you are notorious, like me, for thinking you have more time than you do or that your shower takes 5 minutes when it actually takes 15, create a Time Log for your routine.

Flip to another blank Dot Page, preferably one close to your routine page, and create a grid with each task and a few blank boxes next to each. Over a few days, time each task at least three times to get an average amount of time for each task. Consider this time when setting your alarm in the morning and what time you need to leave the house (if you need to) or even your bedtime.

I hope this helps you sculpt the perfect routines for your life. I would also love to see pictures of your Routine Pages when you finish them! Tag yours on Social Media with #MBProutine, so we Can repost for our followers to get ideas!

Fun Extra: if you use your monthly habit tracker as a mood tracker or use another section for this, it would be interesting to see how your good routine days line up with your mood.

Before you read any further!!