Creating A Vision Board

Updated: Feb 26, 2019

This is something I never used to do, well, except maybe when I was like in middle school, and that was really more of just a collage of things I liked. Lol.

I realized recently that the best way to truly achieve a goal, whether it's career related or life related, is to actually visualize the goal.

Think about it. You wake up every day wanting to be your best self, but how? What is your "best self"?

This is the first step in creating your Vision Board.

Grab a paper and pen, and think about YOUR absolute best version of YOU. What activities does your "best self" do? What clothes do you wear? What career do you have? Where do you and your husband vacation or what do you guys do for fun?

Really. Think about it all, and write it out how you imagine it.

Now, focus on those on the picture you just painted and think about what you wrote about that you don't currently do as much as your "better self" does.

Maybe your "best self" goes to Church every Sunday, or attends a Yoga Class every week....

Maybe your "best self" has a vacation home in the mountains...

Maybe your "best self" doesn't eat meat...

However you imagine your "best self" is totally up to you!

These things will become your goals. Once you have identified the areas where you'd like to improve or achieve goals, write them out. Write them out based on a year timeline or longer if you'd like.

These goals are what will help you choose the images and words for your vision board. Once you have them, search the internet, magazines, pinterest, or wherever you like to find images, that spark the same mental feeling as the thought of your imagined "best self".

Make a collage using a web app like, Powerpoint, or just print them out and paste them onto a piece of paper.

I pieced mine together on the computer, and then printed it double sided, laminated it, and then hole punched it to fit in my Messy Bun Planner, as my Daily Bookmark, so I can see it everyday and be reminded of my goals, intentions, and the "best self" that I'm striving for.

Maybe you've been interested in creating your own vision board, or maybe your just looking for a better way to stick with your goals for the year.... either way I hope you find this article helpful, and I hope this method works for you!

Send me an email and let me know how yours turns out!

Before you read any further!!