5 Things You Can Do When Business Is Slow

Most businesses have seasons: busy ones and not so busy ones.

The busy ones keep us driven and focused and full of energy, while the not so busy ones leave us feeling flat and wondering when our next client will walk through the door.

So, how can you use your down time to your advantage to keep your business thriving?

Work ON Your Business

During our busy times, we are so focused on working in our business that we can't truly work on our business.

Things like Content Creation, Advertising Creative, Email List Building..... All the things that keep us attracting potential clients tend to fall to the wayside when we are working for our clients.

Use your down time to get busy on the things that keep your business in the spotlight. Work on your content calendar and building your contact base.


Use your not so busy times for a Mental Rest. You can't stay mentally "ON" but for so long before you become tired. Take a moment from your business for you, for your family, for your hobbies. Just REST, and take your mind off of your business for a moment. You'll be surprised how refreshed, motivated, and creative you feel when you come back to it.

Get In Touch

All of those clients that you have helped thus far...... Check In On Them!

Give them a call, send them a text or a card.... Just let them know you were thinking about them, and genuinely interested in how things are going since you did X-Y-Z for them.


Go through your paper files, your digital files, your inbox/spam box. Declutter the things that are taking up space in your business, so you can start fresh and feel good and productive when your next busy season begins.

Educate Yourself

If there's a skill or a knowledge that you wish you had in your business, use this time to learn it. Join an online course or find a class at a community college, and study up on the skill, or teach yourself using your Google Search Bar. Listen podcasts or audiobooks on the subject and come back in the busy season confident in your new skill that you can incorporate it into your business.

Before you read any further!!